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1. 4L60E Rebuild Kit Heavy Duty 1997 & Up
2. 4L60E Rebuild Kit Street/Strip 1993 & 1994
3. 4L60E Rebuild Kit Pro Street 1993 & 1994
4. 4L60E Rebuild Kit Pro Street 1997 & Up
5. 4L60E Rebuild Kit Street/Strip 1997 & Up

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Pro-Built Automatics :: GM Rebuild Kits :: 4L60E ---- 700R4L60E.com :: 4L60E Rebuild Kit Heavy Duty 1993 & 1994

4L60E Rebuild Kit Heavy Duty 1993 & 1994
4L60E Rebuild Kit Heavy Duty 1993 & 1994 
"Complete description of the parts in the rebuild kit"

Seal retainer
Late design seal
10-vane rotor with vanes, slide, rotor guide & pin assembly
Trans-Go steel rings & priming spring (under 5,500 rpm WOT)
New replacement stator support with extra wide bushings installed

"Clutches, Steels And Pressure Plates"
4 Borg-Warner reverse/input clutches .078
4 Reverse/input "low drag" Turbulator steels .078
1 Reverse waved steel (eliminates the belleville spring that tears up the inside of the drum)
5 Borg-Warner forward clutches .070
5 Forward steels .090
2 Borg-Warner overrun clutches .078
2 Overrun steels .091
5 Borg-Warner low/reverse clutches .087
5 Low/reverse "low drag" Turbulator steels .068

8 Borg-Warner Hi-Energy 3-4 clutches .080
3 3-4 steels .060
5 3-4 Steels .076
1 3-4 top pressure plate .128
1 3-4 bottom apply pressure plate .225
1 3-4 snap ring .062

Borg Warner dual cage 29 element sprag.
GM "heat treated" sunshell
Borg-Warner low/reverse roller assembly (late design)
Trans-Go (Hi-Rev) replacement forward springs & 3-4 springs
Transtech paper & rubber (gasket) kit
Transmission filter (OEM)
Bushing kit with 3 teflon
Thrust washer kit
Sealing ring kit
HD Bearing kit
Borg-Warner Hi-Energy 2-4 band
Corvette servo
Trans-Go Heavy Duty Shift kit, with .500 boost valve & w/accumulation for nice part throttle shifts
Vamac 3 lip rear seal
New steel molded rubber pistons for overrun, forward & 3-4
New aluminum 4th & forward accumulator pistons
New aluminum "modified" 2nd accumulator piston for smoother part throttle shifts
New oem 4th accumulator pin
New 2nd & Forward "hardened" (RC52) accumulator pins

Please specify which pan you are using?
(1) Factory standard depth pan.
(2) Factory Truck style deep pan.
(3) Factory Corvette style deep pan.
(4) Or aftermarket deep aluminum pan.
This way I can supply you the right oem transmission filter.

Part Number 1HDRK4L6093
Price: $710.40

GM Reverse/Input Drum
Pre-Drilled TransGo Separator Plate
Manifold Pressure Switch
Sonnax Smart Shell

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