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The articles below have been reprinted by permission from Precision Industries.

When talking about high performance streetcar torque converters a subject that is talked about a lot is price. The people who like low prices make statements like "You get a lot of bang for the buck". The people who will pay more make statements like "You only get what you pay for".

Well I think both people are correct to some degree. The low priced person might not like the sound or the feel of the "bang" when he gets it and the higher price payer might not know if he is getting what he paid for. The "Johnny come lately" high performance street torque converter companies are all trying to get in this market. They look at our products that our customers are buying and want a piece of the so-called "gravy" as they see it. Some of these companies manufacture their own torque converters and some have a stock torque converter rebuilder build their product. These last vendors and their rebuilding companies know nothing about race torque converters or high performance street toque converters and must be thinking there is a "sucker born every minute".

If you investigate their product line you will find that most of their line is regutted stock torque converters! They jump in talking BS and throwing around low prices making statements like "just as good as" or "our quality is second to none" all things they cannot backup. The other amazing part is most of the companies coming from the racing industry side of torque converter building have spent 10, 20 or even 30 years and still do not have a majority share of their own market.

Now they are coming to the high performance street converter side of the business to jump in and try to grab market share with a product of less quality and performance. Some of these newcomers will disappear quickly and some will hang on like a bad cold but in the end if any of these newbies are going to survive on this side of the business they will have to invest in quality, research and development. Some of the new comers are buying our products and trying to copy the technology but without R&D and knowing the engineering dynamics of torque converter technology they are domed to always being 2-3 steps behind.

You cannot use existing OEM parts such as stock covers, clutches, lining, hubs, etc. and get a quality part that will operate correctly and dependably in a high performance street torque converter. Our competitors use these types of parts and are charging $500-$700 (more for a higher stall) for a mostly stock 4 or 6 cylinder torque converter.

There is no possible way this product is worth any more than $250-$300. I hear and read comments of how Precision Industries torque converters are over priced and Joe Blows torque converter is just as good. These people know about as much about high performance street torque converters as the young man flipping hamburgers at McDonalds. Don't feel bad most people that build torque converters for a living don't know any more about torque converters than the people making the above statements. The only way the buying public learns about high performance street torque converters is by what is said by self some self proclaimed expert or written in the forums on the Internet. This education is like asking a person filing for bankruptcy how to get rich.

If you want to know the real facts about torque converters then call the people that manufacture them and don't depend on someone who thinks he knows torque converters because he bought one for his or her car.

To prove my point I made earlier let us dissect the price of a Precision Industries LS1 single plate torque converter and see who is paying too much,

Mr. Low or Mr. High. A Precision Industries high performance street torque converter sells on average from $699-$750 through most of our dealer network. Precision Industries uses a billet cover, which we manufacture from scratch (most of our competitors do not have this capability) for a cost of around $200. I know the no experienced experts are going to say "no way" does it cost that much but it does.

This is why our competitors do not want to use them. They all say, "It is to much money". Now let us just remove the cost of this one item and look at what the price of a Precision Industries LS1 high performance street torque converter would sell for. We will have to add the cost of a welded up stock cover because these do cost money to make. I estimated the cost to be $29-$33 for Precision Industries to make one like those used by most lower priced companies. Lets subtract $200 (billet cover) from $750 (dealer selling price), and then add $33 (competitors front cover). This would make our Precision Industries LS1 high performance street torque converter sell for $583. This is about the price of our low priced competitors. But remember, our Precision Industries LS1 high performance street torque converter still has the 1. Special lockup clutch 2. Special clutch lining 3. Special turbine hub 4. Special braced turbine special impeller hub mount not counting other differences.

I ask you in all honesty "WHO IS PAYING TO MUCH NOW?"

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