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3.8TransAM, Moderator on thirdgen.org
Location: Schererville, Indiana

Dana at ProBuilt is a good guy. I've talked to him a few times. Friendly, knowledgeable and willing to help whether u got it from him or not. Makes him okay in my book. Later, Jeremy 07-03-2006


Willie, Moderator on thirdgen.org
Location: Tucson, Arizona

I bought the strongest 700R4 he could possibly build back in 2000. Still going strong.......!! Willie. 06-30-2006


fratsit, Junior Member on thirdgen.org
Location: Newport News, Va.

Bought a Street/Strip 7004 from Dana 2 years ago and still going strong. Highly recommended. Frat. 06-04-2006


ZEEYAA, Member on thirdgen.org
Location: DULUTH GA.

The kit I got I am very pleased with it. Well if its a parts failure then the mfg of the parts should make it good, if its an installation error then they should cover it. The kit comes with the highest of quality parts, so that should not be an issue. My tranny guy loved the set up and he builds stuff for all the NSCA, NMCA guys. He did say the transgo kit was a pain in the *** but looked like a great unit. My personal oppinon is I love the thing, at low throttle it shift like a caddy, mid throttle it starts to bump, and WOT then the thing BANGS. I think the most important thing is to find a tranny shop that knows there stuff. I dont think you will be disappointed with it. 06-02-2006



RevItUpZ28, Junior Member on thirdgen.org
Location: NC

I bought the 700r4 kit from Probuilt and Dana personally called me on the phone twice to confirm everything and asked me questions concerning my rebuild. Great guy, great products! I remember that the pro-built website was acting funny when I tried placing my order online and it was through a phone call that I got in touch with him. 04-10-2006


MdFormula350, TGO Supporter
Location: Maryland; USA

What an awesome and complete well thought out 700r4 street/strip rebuild kit, got to me in a timely manner. My tranny finally shifts and with authority. 04-06-2006


92 Formula, Moderator/TGO Supporter
Location: Northern Neck, Virginia

I bought my 700R4 and Vigilante from him, too. Besides the fantastic feedback here at TGO concerning his transmissions, he was also great to talk to. He talked to me for a really long time about what I should choose and never tried to sell to me. He's just one of the good sellers out there that really want to help you out and make sure you are 100% satisfied. 01-03-2006


383LT1intake, Member on thirdgen.org
Location: illinois

I went through 5 trannies in 1 yr and 2 of them were brand new rebuilds. I bought a probuilt from Dana over 3 yrs ago and it still shifts great today. I have a 383 w/miniram and cc306 cam dynoed at 376hp and 343 tq at rear wheels tranny is holding up great I've pulled 1.6 60' and ran a best of 12.2 "old combo" I'm not easy on it and it still shifts like the day I got it. If it ever does go I'm going with Dana again.. his customer service is the best I wish other companies had half the customer service Dana has he's great HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!! 01-02-2006


vwdave, Senior Member on thirdgen.org
Location: Miami, Florida

Dana is AWESOME. I bought my rebuild kit from him over a year and a half ago. He didnt hesitate to spend 15 minutes on the phone with me the other day on how to diagnose my problem. He goes way out of his way to make sure you are happy and he puts out damn good products. I canot say enough good things about this guy.
Hell, he also called the guy building my transmission and told him some tips and tricks on how to build my transmission the way he does. 12-15-2005


DigitalMonarch0, Senior Member on thirdgen.org
Location: Rochester, NY

Dana was a HUGE help to me when I was doing my trans. I bought a complete rebuild kit from him early in 05, and needed advice from him on a couple of different parts of the rebuild. It was my first time EVER with an entire automatic trans taken apart and he didn't give me any crap at all about not knowing the answer to even what (to him) were probably really easy questions. 11-30-2005


GWW, Junior Member on thirdgen.org
Location: California

I just wanted to pass on a recent transaction I had with Dana at Pro-Built.
I am having a few difficulties with my 700 r4 and spent some time with him on the phone. What a great guy! He took a huge amount of his time to help me out. I then ordered via online a shift kit from him. Being the cruddy typist I am I did not install the correct credit card number and for some reason the transaction still cleared. Dana called me on the problem and we played the usual phone tag. I left a message that I would fix the problem which I thought I did. I received my shift kit and another phone call. The card still didn't work! This time it was lack of balance. My point is HE STILL SENT ME THE PARTS! He was very polite on the phone despite three efforts to charge the card, amazing. I went with Pro-Built because reviews here on Third Gen were favorable. I absolutely agree!!! Great service and I sincerely apologize to Dana for the problem. Credit cards I hate them but I live in an area that has no suppliers of anything and I wind up having to online shop. As a result sometimes this happens. At least for parts at this point PRO-BUILT definitely is. Jerry 11-24-2005


sbcrules, Junior Member on thirdgen.org
Location: Erath, Louisanna

I want to thank Dana at Pro Built Automatics for his help in my 700R4 rebuild. I spoke to Dana a couple of times on the phone and realized very soon that this guy knew his stuff. I took his advice and purchased the parts that he recommended for around $200.00 and received free from him about $1000.00 of consulting.
My truck is now a pleasure to drive with very quick/firm shifts and WOT in 4th The shifts are very controlled with 2nd to 3rd better than I have ever felt from any 700R4, I even heard it bark the tires in 3rd gear today. I recommend any one wanting a strong and functional 700R4 to call Dana for one of his transmissions or rebuild kits (if you want to do it yourself). 08-31-2004


On the Strip 4L60E transmission. Dana, I am totally amazed after pulling the pan to see how clean the transmission is. After a full season and only one oil change I was expecting the pan to be black with sediment. But after 400+ runs with a 4500 stall converter and shift points near 7000rpms the transmission shows almost no wear!! I have been torturing this transmission all year with wheel standing 1.33 60ft times in a 3300 lb 96 Trans Am running low 10s at speeds of 128 - 130 mph. I was going through 3 rebuilds a season until I had you at Pro-Built rebuilt my transmission. This year 0 rebuilds!!! Thanks for everything, Rick Abare 10-07-03


"Dustman", Top Dog Member #381 ImpalaSSForum.com 
Location: Greensboro, NC.

I wanna give a BIG thumbs up to Pro Built Automatics. I called Net Gear Head and the customer service sucked as far as answering questions and helping me choose what i needed. I decided to call Pro Built and They were nothing short of friendly and very professional. They even shipped my product before they billed me. This guy knows our trannies and Limits himself to 4L60E's and 700's only. He is just like talking to a buddy at the track. Definitely a very smart person. So if you are looking for a HD 4L60E check em out he doesn't make any outrageous claims like Stage 10 but he delivers and he shoots you straight. 09-09-2003


Superman, Senior Member on thirdgen.org
Location: Panama City Beach, Florida

If everybody in the parts world gave the same kind of customer service as Dana does it would save us all a lot of headaches. Probuilt is first class service with parts to match. 02-07-2003


BLWR PWR, Member on thirdgen.org
Location: Bend, Oregon

I needed a new tranny to go behind my almost done 383 with Vortech supercharger. The old one was rebuilt two years ago by a reputable mom and pop shop in my area. Its slipping, wont last. I priced and shopped TCI, B&M, Bow Tie Overdrives, etc. After reading nothing but great things on this board about Pro Built trannies I checked out their website. Very comprehensive, good price. I was sold. I called Dana at Pro Built. He asked me many questions about my application, and what the tranny needed and was expected to do. I was impressed. Bought the street-strip tranny. Dana really works with you to get you what you want and NEED. He is also more than willing to work with you on pick up, delivery, or shipping. Now I just need to get that engine done/in and Ill be ready to rock! Give Dana a call. 02-04-2003


Birdman7389, Junior Member on thirdgen.org
Location: VA Beach

yup....Dana is the man, I had the same great customer svc. and this trans (Street/strip 700R4) is sweet. I managed to leave my TV cable hooked up when I dropped my old trans and busted it (the cable) but instead of having to get one from GM (like $40), he gave me an extra he had in perfect shape...no extra charge, little things like that mean everything! Give him your business.! 03-25-2003


J's86ROC, Member on thirdgen.org
Location: New Mexico

I just ordered a torque converter from them today because the lockup clutch in my stock unit failed. I have been fighting with my 700R4 not locking up for a few weeks now. I managed to talk with Willie on email. He gave me a number for Dana at Pro Built. The man know his ****. Anyway today before I called I was going to buy a converter from somewhere else, and pay to have it installed. My wife just delivered our first baby less than a week ago so I don't have time to do it myself. Anyway all the local places wanted to re-diagnose the problem, and charge me more for a stock style reman than Dana sold me a brand new stall converter for. One place even told me they wouldn't swap converters unless I had my tranny overhauled. I argued but the A$$hole at the local shop was adamant and told me "oh that clutch material got in your tranny and messed it up." My tranny is a stock unit and will chirp the 1-2 shift under full throttle. The 2-3 and 3-4 shifts are firm as well. I told Dana this and he agreed and said that would be a waste, if my tranny still shifts that good then it's fine. Then he got all the info on my IROC and helped me pick the right stall for my new converter. Willie also had Pro Built do a tranny for his car, he told me he couldn't be happier with it. So when my 700R4 finally does go tits up I know where my business is going. Sorry, this is long, but I would highly recommend Pro Built to anyone with an automatic tranny. 05-29-2002


Raven350, Member on thirdgen.org
Location: Taylor, Michigan

I have bought upgraded parts from Dana. Basically a Stage 3 shift kit, had all the nice little goodies that came with it and he is definitely an awesome person to deal with. Excellent customer support and I have also been on the phone with him for quite a few long phone calls. I definitely recommend working with him... 02-18-2002


eric17422001, Member on thirdgen.org
Location: Savannah, Georgia

Just wanted to let everyone know that after all the recomendations from the board I purchased a street-strip from Dana. I am very happy, it is all it was touted to be. I had lower shift points than expected and without even asking for it Dana expressed me a governor with lighter weights. Now it's shifting just shy if not on my optimum shift point, and if needed or wanted I can manually shift it where ever I want. 04-24-2002


RCR, Senior Member on thirdgen.org
Location: Shelby Twp., Michigan

Dana built mine. I'd go back. Excellent work and a good guy. 02-09-2002


Superman,  Senior Member on thirdgen.org
Location: Panama City Beach, Florida

I got my tranny from pro-built and let me say it kicks all the other so called performance trannys a$$ up and down the road in every department. I have had a B&M and a TCI and neither of these compared to the pro-built. As for the custormer service, it can't be beat. Dana is a great guy to deal with and spends a lot of time with each customer to make sure that you are getting what you want. Pro-builts trannys must be some kind of strong because Dana has some guys that have 10 second passes on his trannys. 01-27-2002


89gta383,  Senior Member on thirdgen.org
Location: Nashville, Tennessee
Dude, do it right the first time and get a pro-built. I've got one, and I beat the crap out of it. It spins the tires on the 1-2 shift and the 2-3 shift everytime I stand on it. Everyone can't build a good 700R4. I've got friends that have bought 700's from bow-tie overdrives, and other tranny places in CA, but they all say my tranny shifts better and was cheaper than theirs. They have also burned their 3-4 clutch packs up, and I have not. Do it right the first time. That is what these message boards are for, to learn from other people's mistakes, and not learn the hard way. 05-01-2001
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