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Pro-Built Automatics :: 4L60E Upgrades :: 4L60E Turbulator Low/Reverse & Reverse Input Low Drag Steels

4L60E Turbulator Low/Reverse & Reverse Input Low Drag Steels
4L60E Turbulator Low/Reverse & Reverse Input Low Drag Steels 
Turbulator plates are a design by GM's Hydramatic division, that came out in 1996. By adding holes (of specific design and size) to the low/reverse and reverse input steels on the 4L60E, GM realized these advantages. (1) Improvements in gas mileage. (2) Lower transmission operating temperatures. (3) A slightly quicker reverse engagement. (4) A slight improvement in horsepower and torque to the rear wheels. What the OEM's were trying to do was eliminate the condition known as "after-run". This is caused by the oil creating a fluid bond between the clutch and steel when the clutch pack is in the open position (clutches not applied). The holes in the plates actually prevent "after-run" to a great extent. The holes break up the fluid surface tension that creates the bond by shearing off the excess oil. I use these in all of my transmission buildups, and are included in all of my rebuild kits for the 4L60E. This is one of GM's better ideas, and will work in any 4L60E.

Part Number SKU3885
Price: $19.80

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