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Pro-Built Automatics :: GM Transmissions :: General Motors :: 700R4 :: 700R4 Heavy Duty Transmission 1988 & Up

700R4 Heavy Duty Transmission 1988 & Up
700R4 Heavy Duty Transmission 1988 & Up 
Heavy Duty 700R4: Starting at the "Front Pump", new seal, teflon bushing, 10-vane rotor/slide assembly, Trans-Go steel rings & priming spring, heavy duty pressure (not oem) regulator valve, Trans-Go HD pressure regulator spring, .296 intermediate/reverse boost valve, .471/.500 main boost valve, both halves of pump remachined flat with rotor to pump clearence set at .0015"-.0025".

Reverse Input Drum: A reworked or new reverse/input drum, along with the Turbulator low-drag steels, and Borg Warner clutches. The Belville spring is replaced with a waved spring, this eliminates the Belville spring from eating the reverse/input drum.

"Input Drum" New latest design Borg Warner input sprag, Borg Warner (oem) clutches for the overrun and forward clutch assemblys, 8 Borg Warner Hi-Energy clutches used in the 3-4 clutch pack, Trans-Go (Hi-Rev) heavy duty springs replace the oem 3-4 and forward springs and 3-4 helper springs (the Trans-Go springs prevent the 3-4 clutches from getting into trouble, due to centrifugal clutch apply, Good for up to 7,800 rpm. Clearence for the 3-4 clutch pack .045"-.055", a Viton input to output shaft seal is used in place of the hard plastic seal, the Viton is soft (will withstand 650 degrees Farenheit) and will comform to the output shaft thereby guaranteeing oil to the rear planet.

"Rear Drive Section" Hand picked input sun gear,forward planet with batwing thrust washers, input internal gear, reaction carrier shaft, a new GM latest design sun shell, low/reverse support, the latest design Borg Warner low/reverse roller assembly, Turbulator low-drag steels, Borg Warner (oem) clutches, hand picked or new rear planet, hand picked reaction sun gear, internal reaction gear, internal reaction gear support, the latest oem bronze rear case bushing, new governor gear, Teflon extension housing bushing, and a Vamac (prelubed) rear seal.

"2-4 Band & 2-4 Servo" Borg Warner Hi-Energy 2-4 band, new Corvette 2nd gear apply servo used in conjuntion with the latest design Viton seals instead of the oem teflon sealing rings. An additional spring is added to the cushion side of the servo to help provide a smoother 1-2 apply at light throttle while still allowing a firm WOT shift.

"Valve Body" We use the Trans-Go Shift kit modified to our heavy duty specifications to give more holding capacity when used in conjunction with the large boost valves, Corvette servo, and the 8 clutch 3-4 pack. We work with the accumulators to give the best possible part throttle shifts, and progressively firmer shifts with more throttle opening. A Sealed Power (filtran zero-leak) filter is used in this transmission.

"The Case" We use the 1988-1992 transmission to start our builds with unless a special request to do otherwise.

Part Number 700R4-HD
Price: $1,495.00

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